Room Styles

Older Basic Double

Includes a double bed in motel style; this room has a small ensuite bathroom.

Older Basic Double/Single

With one double bed and one single bed this room sleeps up to 3 people in an open motel style.

Older Basic Standard Twin

With two double beds this room sleeps up to four adults in an open motel style.

Spacious Queen Room

With a Queen-size bed in motel style and small kitchenette these rooms are modern and spacious with a large ensuite bathroom.

Floral Country Cottage 

The Floral Cottage has a King-size bed in one bedroom and 2 single beds in the lounge and foyer area. It also contains large oval spa, double shower and gas log fire.

The Poet’s Lane Motel has 22 rooms and can accommodate 62 guests at maximum capacity. To secure your accommodation booking, a deposit of $25 is required for our motel and spacious queen units, and a $50 deposit is required for our cottages. Prices start from $140 per room, per night.

Please note: All accommodation deposits are non-refundable.



To allow us to focus exclusively on our wedding functions we are unable to provide breakfast onsite. However we can recommend some lovely local places to enjoy a relaxing brunch after check out.